Meet The Red Bull Global Rallycross

The Red Bull Global Rallycross racing series have paved their way to the leading racing events gathering famous names in automotive industry, top world’s drivers and public attention worldwide. These motor sports series host racing cars on the terrain that combines asphalt and soil areas, similar to WRC circuit.

GRC is labeled as an international race that resembles real-life action sports video game with a lot of interaction with fans and audience. The race is broadcasted regularly, but if you manage to catch it up live, here are some aspects of the race you should know before taking part in the event.

Red Bull Global Rallycross1

Unconventional racing stars

Red Bull Global Rallycross starsIf you show up at The Red Bull Global Rallycross event, there’s no doubt you’ll meet some big names and famous faces from the sports world. But the beauty and the peculiar aspect of this race is the variety of the racers. Namely, at the same time, Red Bull Global Rallycross strives to meet the highest standards of action sports races but allows impressive diversity among competitors.

Many drivers taking part in this rally are not professional racing drivers in the literal sense of that term. Many of these guys were famous in other extreme sports, many of them were significantly successful amateurs, and the majority of them were loved by fans due to their attractive improvisation. All of these guys get their chance to race at the same level with the classic professional racing drivers.

Unconventional racing tracks

racing tracksMost international races and rallies take part on well-groomed tracks, and the terrain is adjusted according to the strict terms and rules. The Red Bull’s rally includes quite adventurous tracks that combine smooth and easy parts of the road with rough, paved with dirt, areas, intentionally designed to slow the race down.

All the racing cars taking part in The Red Bull’s rally have to meet mechanical and technical standards that withstand these driving conditions. Every driver is allowed one so-called Joker element – one modified lap per race.

Close encounter with the audience

From an average racing fan, The Red Bull’s rally is a memorable experience. Unlike in any other form of professional racing event, this rally offers great organization, stadium – like scenography, sits for fans with an excellent view and a close encounter with drivers after the race. No other racing event draws the audience so into the action as The Red Bull GRC does.