Huge changes in Formula 1

Few last seasons in Formula 1 have been pretty predictable and boring, even for the greatest fans of the constant winner. Namely, Mercedes has grabbed the ultimate dominance during the last few seasons, and all the other drivers were competing for lower prices.

Most races were pretty much certain and the auto racing world started to lack some spicing and excitement. Now the big changes have been made and the drivers, as well as the fans, are quite excited. Formula 1 has introduced new race cars models, shortly described as “beasts”.

Formula 1

The fuzz with new Formula cars

12 inches tires formula 1It’s pointing out the obvious to say that Formula 1 cars are fast and powerful. But compared to these new models, these terms are a strong understatement. The biggest change is in the tires. Increased width of 12 inches and the rear tires going to 16 inches result in stronger grasp.

Down force is increased by adding a wider front wing, and the cars are, in general, faster, quicker in the corners and more aggressive. The general impression is that these models will be harder to drive and control, but it is yet to be tested and explored by big names among professional racing drivers.

Challenge to drivers

The major idea and the aim of these changes were to bring back the excitement into the Formula 1, to impose some limitations to Mercedes and give a fair shot to all other drivers to try to overtake the race. However, the first impression after the test drives is that these racing cars will face all drivers will a big challenge.

The cars are harder to drive, setting expectations and a bar high, but also providing a huge amount of raw force into the hands of any driver that manages to maneuver the beast. Theoretically, this should spice the races, bring more thrill and unpredictable results, since Mercedes’ dominance might be threatened for the forts time after several seasons. The drivers are enthusiastic to face the challenges and to test their own and the car’s limitations.

The downside of the beast

One of the greatest downsides is the sound of these car models. Cars have turbo-hybrid units integrated, and the highly unpleasant sound is the mere side-effect, but this is not likely to be upgraded anytime soon. Also, not all the professional drivers agree that this great change will result in easier overtaking during the race, but that is soon to be tested in Grand Prix in Melbourne.