Accessibility in race cars

When talking about car racing or motor sports in general, we usually have a driver in top form in mind, as well as their powerful and steady race cars. Try imagining disabled person driving a race care and even more – taking part equally in some car racing events. However impossible it sounded, it is not. Too many people out there struggle with some sort of disability, including lack of extremities after trauma, diabetes, cerebral palsy and much more.

Car racing world with all of its excitement is not out of their reach. They just have to know how what and where to look. The automotive industry, accompanied with various medical and scientific centers have been developing various accessibilities for racing cars to provide all kinds of disabled people the possibility of driving again and even the possibility of experiencing the racing excitement. If you prove you can run vehicle successfully and stay safe, you may get the wheel regardless of the disability you’ve got.

Accessible racing with virtual practice

To help many veterans and patients living with any disability, several automotive, medical and engineering companies gathered their forces and created VXP. Roughly speaking, it is a computer or a robot training your body to drive.

The Central driving simulator uses specific software to instruct and guide muscles to conduct all the processes required to drive safely. Virtual driving simulator creates the atmosphere of driving and trains your muscles to memorize the patterns to sit behind the wheel.


Once the driver has learned his body and shaped it to cope with driving in a virtual world, once you are trained, you are a fee to go and drive a real car with a real result.

Race cars accessibilities

training and education about drivingAside from the full virtual training and education about driving, the mere race car has plenty of its accessibilities. It features special mechanisms to be attached safely and steadily into the common racing car.

It has special wheels, gas pedals, hand control brakes and a double seat for some healthy copilot. It also had various simulators and navigators, but not for the map of the road, but to direct your body parts into correct action.

Equipment of the future modern automotive industry

Disabled peopleStriving to include disabled people into all spheres of the social life, including motor sports, automotive and the racing industry keeps developing specific race car models that feature even more convenient gadgets and units, that would enable traumatized and invalid people to be drivers again. Even race drivers.