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Facts About Automotive Industry

The automotive industry is an endless source of interesting and exotic facts and trivia. Here’s a list of random six facts you might find interesting.

“People’s car.”

Volkswagen, when translated from German, means “people’s car”. It was Adolf Hitler himself who requested Porsche to start manufacturing Volkswagen models and label it with this name, as a powerful, practical decision reflecting populistic policy back in those days.


Play pong with your car

The Swedish Saab is a nice example of modern automotive industry reaching such levels of technology fun to have plenty of room for having fun. Among all the automated and computerized parts in this car, the engineers literary enabled playing pong with your Saab.

“Brainy” cars

Another product coming from Google’s lab is a model of smart car. This vehicle is equipped with various latest technology gadgets, enabling you to use telematics software in car dashboard. It provides you with GPS, the large scale of maps, direct access to endless information helpful while driving, as well as a myriad of other powerful built-in units. 

It could’ve been airplane

One of the most prestige car models nowadays, Rolls-Royce came out as a product of Rolls-Royce manufacturing company that primarily manufactured engines for airplanes. They re-focused their activity to automotive industry when Silver Ghost broke traversing record over 100 years ago.


Your car doesn’t need you

Yup, we’ve reached the era when the driver is not the essential part of the driving car. The internet lord, Google itself, has announced and launched the first driverless car model that is currently being tested on the roads. Aside from many other essential parts that are left out of this model, the driver is one of them too.

Drive upside down

The amount of down force an open wheeled race car produces will vary depending on what league it races in (among other things), but it’s frequently in excess of the car’s weight. In other words, once it reaches a certain speed, it can drive upside down…if it has to.

About Auto Racing

Automotive industry gets its showing off moments within various auto racing tours and events. These events, practiced worldwide, as professional or amateur auto sport, take part in different roads, circuit and including different motor models. The drivers get to enjoy exotic and exciting drives, and the mere industry gets to test, prove and present its latest superb auto models.


Our Services

Manufacturing cars

Manufacturing racing cars

Our highly professional, skilled and educated technicians guided by experienced racers and accompanied with professional race mechanics provide custom-designed manufacturing of racing cars and common vehicles. Combining client’s wishes and needs with our expert’s knowledge and skills, we’ve created so far a large collection of unique vehicles that meet the highest standards of the automotive industry.

Auto servicing

Auto servicing

Thousands of our regular clients rely on our customer service and assistance. We have a long history and a great reputation as a reliable supplier in the racing and automotive industry marketplace. All auto parts we provide are genuine, and the mere procedure of servicing your car is provided by professional racing mechanics.

Automotive world

Updates, events, and news

Our company takes part in all major racing events and tours. We present our products and services out there, assist competitors and provide fresh news in the form of website articles. Also, we keep our readers regularly updated about all the news and the upcoming events via our online automotive magazine.

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